I have experienced first hand how real estate can determine the quality of life for individuals and families and also inspire the community, encourage philanthropy and create meaningful legacies.  

Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers were real estate investors on different sides of the world and I grew up in a family who directly benefitted – and still do – from their investments. I have also experienced being a renter, landlord, buyer, remodeler or seller of numerous properties, in the US and overseas. As a real estate professional, I value having the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, learn what’s important to them, to provide the best information to help them make related informed decisions.

I believe real estate is not just about finding a place to live or invest in.  There are so many variables to consider when making a decision about real estate – unique to each person. These factors can include new beginnings, downsizing, growing families, life changes, health, investing, cash flow, security, independence, values, instincts, prestige, space, work, convenience, commutes, hobbies, fitness, education, community, hopes, dreams, development – just to name a few! Throughout my life professionally and personally, I have consistently aligned myself with work and projects I believe in. Aside from having worked in consumer journalism for many years, I am very active in charitable projects and organizing community including the successful Meetup group, Montclair Media Alliance.  

Languages: English, Farsi or Persian